If Alaska is the royalty of fishing, surely its crown jewel is the Lake Iliamna/Bristol bay area. World renown for both size and abundance of its trout, Lake Iliamna and Katmai National park are second to none. The beauty and remote nature of the lake and its surroundings are an added bonus that increases the pleasure of the fishing experience (because after all; fishing IS the experience, so why settle for anything less!)

The waters of Bristol Bay provide plenty of habitats for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon. The Kvichak and Nushagak rivers are two of the Bay’s major drainages with King and Silver Salmon that are, today, unmatched in run strength. One of Alaska’s hidden treasures just waiting for an arm tiring day playing fish after fish. Unlike the Kenai, King Salmon on the Nushagak can be fished catch and release, which means we keep right on fishing after you have your limit. No watching others fish just because you decided to keep a paltry limit of one fish here.

The Kvichack River is the outlet for Lake Iliamna’s freshwater and has an annual Sockeye Salmon escapement of around 4 million fish. Fishing for the most succulent of the Salmon species can be as easy as walking down to the dock or a short (5 minute) boat ride for a daily limit of fish. We are ready to pack, freeze, and prepare your fish for shipping or to return with you at the week’s end. Salmon fillets are a true delicacy that will allow you to relive your Alaska experience during a special meal with friends or appetizers after a long day at work.