Halibut Fishing in Alaska

For Halibut fishermen, Alaska’s most productive waters have been in or around Cook Inlet. Unlike Southeast Alaska, the Cook Inlet catch limits remain 2 fish in possession. If you are a saltwater enthusiast, the charter boat fishing we offer is your chance to land a big halibut, Salmon or cod. The vessels we use are big, comfortable, aluminum, twin engine boats designed for use in the salt. Your catch will be processed and frozen for you to take home as luggage or send home Fed Ex.

Please be prepared to spend a 12 hour day fishing on the saltwater due to tide cycles. An overnight stay on the charter boat is also possible at certain times of the season due to tides. If we fish the west side of Cook Inlet, the trip includes a ride over the Chigmet mountain range going from the lodge on lake Iliamna to Iliamna Bay under the Iliamna Volcano on Cook Inlet’s west side…

If Halibut is your favorite catch, the early part of the season is the best time to book. May and July are usually best for Halibut fishing.

As an added bonus, the marine environment is a unique blend of scenic beauty and exotic wildlife that appeals to landlubbers as well as seasoned mariners. You can see whales, dolphins, seals, sea otter, and a wide array of shore birds including the puffin (native only to northern waters.)

Unlike Southeast Alaska, the Cook Inlet catch limits remain 2 fish in possession