Book now for a dream trip – but only if you love salmon fishing! You won’t be disappointed. Not ready to pull the trigger yet? Read the story of Barbara Harp’s 5–day trip. Before considering your dates, keep in mind that not all species run at the same time of the year. Please use the following chart to plan your trip to our lodge.

Jun Week 1
Jun Week 2
Jun Week 3
Jul Week 1
Jul Week 2
Jul Week 3
Jul Week 4
Aug Week 1
Aug Week 2
Aug Week 3
Aug Week 4
Sep Week 1
Arctic Char
Northern Pike

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In an effort to help you get the most of what you want out of your vacation to Alaska, We’ve given you the summer season date by date below with a short description of what happens each week.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to pick the week that suits your tastes and preferences the best and book early enough to get just what you’ve always wanted from your time fishing.  Please be aware that run strength and weather can affect the fishing and this list is an approximation based on past experience.  No Guarantees are made herein so be advised that the listings are for planning purposes only!

1. June 2nd wk: Fishing season begin June 8.  Halibut fishing is best early, this week will have Halibut in the Inlet and Char up river with some rainbow action on the Kvichak and Iliamna.

2. June 3rd wk: Kings in the Nushagac on the 15th (it is usually the beginning of the run.)  We fish Halibut and Char/Rainbows early, King fishing (if practical later in the week.)

3. June 4th wk: This is generally the  peak of Kings.  We go to the King camp on the strongest tides of the week and fill in around with Char/Rainbow and  Halibut fishing

4. July 1st wk: King fishing is usually good and Reds can be found in the Kvichack.  Halibut still good. Rainbows trail off due to incoming Reds at the Kvichack.

5. July 2nd wk: slower Kings,  Best week for Reds upriver Halibut still good.  Bears arrive!

6. July 3rd wk: Good Red fishing, Rainbows/char improving up river Halibut still strong.

7. July 4th wk: Reds still available, good Rainbow/ Char upriver.  Silvers begin on the Nushagac, Halibut beginning to trail off some. King season ends on Nushagac.

8. Aug. 1st wk: Peak of Silvers on Nushagac, Some reds, Rainbows/Char good.  Halibut spotty.  West side streams pick up Sea Run Dollies, Pinks and Chum.

9. Aug. 2nd wk: Good Silvers on Nushagac. Good rainbow char upriver. Dollies, Pinks and Chum on west side with some possibility of Silvers.  Bear watching.

10. Aug 3rd wk: Slower silver fishing on the Nush, Peak of Silvers on the West side. Peaking rainbow char fishing,  Pinks/Chum slower on west side.  Bears upriver.

Aug. 4th wk and Sept. 1st wk Great Rainbow fishing,  Silvers on West side,  Char upriver.  Weather starting to become a factor in fly outs and boating on West side (reduced party sizes.)

You can also book for next year and get a head start on the competition.  By booking early, you are assured that the particular species you want to target will be in abundance when you arrive!